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True love exists, and it's for clothes too <3

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The day where pink and purples dominate the color population, and flowers and chocolates are all over the place. Teddy bears are tokens of affection, and a heartfelt card takes a girl’s day over the top. You take care of the receiving, and we’ll take care of the rest! Fear not, for the hottest and most adorable outfits are here (Japanese!), and we’ve made a list to help you deal with your fashion choice dilemmas.

The Lace Effect

Think gauzy, delicate lace. (In other words, a subtle way to say that you’re a delicate flower;)). That gossamer-thin weave of ribbon will make sure you stand out in the crowd, and catch every guy’s eye. Just watch out for loud and bright colors, though-the weave and pattern are enough as it is.

The Color Effect

Red: Love, lust, and wine. (The three main ingredients of Valentine’s Day.) Pop his eyes with a bold and striking outfit, and get matching heels to set the look off. (FYI, Peggy Lana’s got wonderful designs right here.)  Navy, burnt orange, and lush green are also ideal as well. As always, when wearing bright colors, keep a simple and strong silhouette for the ultimate “wow” factor.

The Highlight Effect

Accessories, accessories, accessories. We simply CANNOT stress this enough: for your outfit to look truly well-thought out and put-together, you must always use complimenting accessories for the perfect final touch. Bags? Just go for the sparkling version of your clothing choice: Wearing red? A gold clutch will do. Simple black dress? Grab that sparkly purse. Over-the-top frilly pink dress? An ivory coin purse might be exactly what you need.

The Heel Effect

Long, slender legs. Who doesn't want them? Thankfully, heels have been around since the days of King Louis the 14th, and the royal trend still carries on strongly to this day. Whether it’s kitten heels, stilettos, or gorgeous mules, adding a couple of inches or so is never a bad idea-especially when they set off your entire look. (Let’s face it,  we love our shoes as much as Carrie Bradshaw;))

So there you go, our tips and advice for the lovey-dovey season. Feel free to send us pics on Instagram or Facebook with your Valentine’s styles-(and we’ll probably feature you as a thank you!) Happy Valentine’s Day, ladies!