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The best outfits you can actually own easily

Every girl has a “power outfit.” For some, it’s that little black dress which you pair with the sparkliest, highest heels, or maybe your Moussy jeans which give your butt the ultimate boost. Better yet, it’s that soft, comfy sweater you put on that makes everyday feel like Christmas. In short, it’s the outfit you put on that makes you feel good inside out.

What better way is there to start out the year right with a new power outfit, right? (Try to use the sale season to your benefit, ladies). As always, we’ve got you covered. Look closely and pick a style below, since it’ll be the best choice you’ve ever made.

The Chic Parisien

Oui, c'est tres bien! You’ve probably had that one beautiful, lacy button-up in your closet for ages, but it’s been long forgotten or only paired with jeans. Switch it up! If you’re wearing this outfit to work, keep it professional and cool by opting for muted colors instead. It’ll give the perfect balance between loungewear and workplace attire;besides, wearing light colors does wonders for your skin tone.

If you’re hoping to go real “full” Parisien, try to find a “main” color to go with your outfit. The combination of gold and black pairs easily with any style, while seasonal colors also can be a salute to the ever-changing weather. Bright colors such as mauve or turquoise can make a statement as well when those colors are hidden in your necklace or other accessories.

Street style (or “too cool for school”)

Leather ankle boots are the ultimate fashion statement. Sweaters, jumpers, or even the most tattered grey pullover will make you look like you just got off the runway when you match them with the most fabulous boots (or, in my case, a soft and supple leather jacket). Even better, you’ll end up with the “grunge” look that’s taken over the ‘18 fashion weeks and editorials!

Patterns also go well when mixed well. Gingham are currently in style (we’re guessing that’ll last all the way ‘til spring), and stripes bring out a strong vibe as well.

Boyish temptation

Young and free, that’s what wearing culottes feels like! Bring out that fresh and boyish fun with these pants, and look great without getting all fussed up and decorated. Simple, sturdy colors and silhouettes bring out your original style, without any further embellishments to shield yourself from being oohed and ahhed on the street. Gather up your skirts, girls, and have fun!