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Summer flings are here...

It's summer. You're having brunches, traveling a bunch, and living the best time of your life. What could be better? Get your go-to summer wardrobe in sync with the fun lifestyle you're having. And by that, we’re talking white casual beach dresses, hand-woven shoulder bags, tassel fringes, and so much more!  (Psst...also,scroll down and look for the coupon!)

Raise your rosé to the sky: welcome to Girl Meets Summer, Slowfash style.

  1. Beachy vibes run rampant

If you fear this is going to be another kind of those #instagramworthy dresses to wear by the sea...you’ve guessed that right. We detest the overdone white dress beach vibe as much as you, but hear us out. These beauties will definitely make you stand out amid the Zara and H&M tarp-like designs.

  1.    Color, color, color

Summer is definitely the time to flaunt your love of living life colorfully. Be it fuschia pink, neon yellow, or emerald green, any hue will pay off when you appear as the most eye-catching girl on the beach. (Trust us - Rienda’s been in the bikini trade for a long time now ;)

  1.    Denim, the all-time wonder piece

We simply cannot stress this enough: There is one perfect pair of jeans for everybody. Granted, it might take you a long time to find them, but it’s definitely worth the wait. Moussy has been the top denim brand for chic styles since they first launched, and the iconic two-toned jeans have had legendary waitlists in the US and Asia. Luckily, they’re stocked in our store right now…

  1. Camis: the piece that you can wear out of bed.

Madonna might have made the “underwear over outerwear” style viral, but in 2018, we’ve already incorporated the look on the runway and off. Lace camisoles are all the rage, but for those who are a bit more demure, stitched tanks and muslin/flannel tops are also an option. Check out SLY’s (on sale!) tops for more inspiration!

  1. Slip on heels. Easy to wear, easy to pair.

Slip-on heels are without a doubt the top-trending shoe style right now. They’re easy to wear, can provide enough support, and are stunning to look at. Try them with long skirts for a more office-approved look, or with culottes to show off your ankles. (These shoes go a long way in making the lower leg look slimmer, so feel free to go crazy over them in the summer!)

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