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Slowfash review of NYFW

  New York Fashion Week is undoubtedly the most important event for models, designers, and the fashion press. But what’s the hype about? No doubt fashion week is for showcasing the beautiful styles designers have in store for us, but what’s more important is that it provides the fashion world a look at upcoming trends for this coming year.

Now, as we’re reviewing the styles from the pros, we’ve dug out items on SlowFash that perfectly match the designer-approved forecast for this year’s styles. Look out below for more affordable designs that are gorgeous and trendy as well!


Tweed and gingham, Victorian patterns are seen on many runways this season. We’re loving the retro vibe and colorful spin-offs this new season, so we’ve come up with some twists of our own. Just pair these with a bold color or go full out with a suit!

Bold, Bright, and Beautiful

Last year it was all about pastels: cherry blossoms, dove grey, and sky blue. This year, we’re getting a strong vibe of bold colors (think the 70’s style) with bright checks and thick, voluminous sleeves. Of course, this doesn’t only apply to clothing. Bags and earring are all the rage, and geometric shapes are in style as well.

All about that action: Athleisure on the rise

Remember when Adidas was that old, bowl-shaped trainer brand whose only target was middle-schoolers? Or when Nike faded into that outlet store you were too lazy to go in? That’s all in the past. Even Puma has stepped up their game with Rihanna as their brand ambassador (Pink lace ribbon pumps!) and those Stan Smiths and Ultraboosts have been flying off shelves since 2015.

What we’ve got here on Slowfash range from not only the hyped and fabled sneaker, but also the cream of the crop: starring North Face Purple Label, HUPOT, and Momotaro jeans. (We’re broadcasting this for you guys: PURPLE LABEL IS ONLY FOUND IN JAPAN.) Get your kicks on and hurry before we’re out!