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Parisien style, Slowfash-wise

Ever since a brief exchange program in Paris, the styles and ways of French people have fascinated me. Not only do they look clean, polished, and well-put-together all the time, but their impeccable sense of style have been an eye-opener for me, fashion-wise.

Slowfash has more than enough to offer those who want to jump on the Paris bandwagon. Here are the top five looks that even Ines de La Fressange would approve of at a glance.

  1. Color-block simplicity

Simple colors make up a bold silhouette that will make you stand out in the crowd. Choose statement pieces that are flattering and eye-catching, or limit them to your accessories. Peggy Lana is perfect for finding graceful skirts and tops that will take you seamlessly from workspace to a late-night party.

  1. Patterns galore

Of course, you can go with stripes or checkered prints, those typical patterns that we see on every Paris wannabe. But why not go further? Think outside the box, and shoot higher. Be sure to use 4 colors or less, though, or it might get too confusing!

  1. Leather, leather, leather

Leather jackets are a well-bought investment if you trust those Parisien bloggers! Moussy makes the best denim styles that goes with leather jackets as well. Find the best cut and flattering silhouette and you’ll wear that beautiful piece forever.

  1. Lace is always the answer

Why has lace been the embodiment of femininity for centuries? The subtle tease of the white fleeting glimpses would be our guess. SLY has an abundance of lace collar tops or skirts, perfect for the spring season. Check them out here!

  1. Layered pieces for variety

Thank goodness that lace camisoles are in style this year! Check out the many pieces that make up this gorgeous look, complete with high-heeled boots and a flared long-sleeved top.