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Tired of always black for the winter look? x colors to light up your winter wardrobe.

With the winds blowing even harder and snow falling from the clear sky, you’ll probably be like: Yay! Winter is here! It’s time to sing Jingle Bells. You have started to listen to the songs along the streets. But somehow, the only people you noticed wearing a different color is Santa Claus,while other people are just wearing countless black, gray and dark blue items. Waking up on dark winter mornings are not a preferred start to choosing careful wardrobe, but there still must be some twist to wearing drab clothesWhen it comes to the holiday season, you will most likely... Read more

Never have I ever...made bad fashion choices

We’ve discussed the best and most coveted looks for the season, praising coats and donning scarves. While this is all good and inspiring, where’s the fun in only giving compliments? This time, we’re going to take you on an interesting tour of the different realms of  fashion- the world of... Read more

Japanese fashion- not just lolita anymore

Discover Japan- by fashion!   Think of Japanese fashion- what do you have in mind? Pink, cute, fluffy, kawaii, or Hello Kitty all seem to fit the glove. But the Japanese have long since evolved past the pastel teenage years, and now we’re seeing more and more of mature, ingenious... Read more

Autumn style: Yay or nay?

Who said the best time for dressing up is fall? With weather changes so drastic (hello, global warming), it’s almost impossible to be prepared for next day’s outfit everyday. You want to layer up but not look like a snowman or an adorable pug. We get doubts on out fall... Read more

Slow fashion is the new fashion- plus the C/P ratio introduced!

Slow fashion is the new fashion. But first, what IS slow fashion? Coined by Kate Fletcher, slow fashion was likened to the Slow Food experience, a revolutionary process that gives us more time to think whilst in the fast commercial era we now live in. Though slow fashion hasn’t... Read more

North Face Purple Label: The IT Brand Of The Athletic Moment

When it comes to The North Face, I picture parkas, rain gear, and frankly, sturdy backpacks that middle-school teenagers seem to love. The red and white logo that represents Yosemite National Park’s Dome (which is , FYI, over 8,000 feet tall) has stood the test of time for almost 50... Read more

SLY N3B- The only jacket you'll need for 2017

       Love shopping? As do we. But as our 3-pack tees from H&M show, instant gratification doesn’t really amount to much when you’re having to constantly replace them every other month or so. We believe fashion or style MEANS something- meaning when you find your perfect pick, it... Read more

SLY- The Hip Shortcut to Glamdom

Think blatant hipster, groovy vibes, and a casual brass chic. Think The Devil Wears Prada when Andy gets all glammed and gorgeous with a fur shrug. Think decadent style, upper-east clean cuts, but also LA casualness. This fairly new brand has taken Tokyo by storm, and are leaving westerners in the dust as well with their stores in Milan. Embrace your “GirlBoss” inner ego and let’s get the party started! Read more

Avan Lily The Millenial Rise of The Girly Vintage Trend

Ah, Avan Lily. Sounds just like a doll when we say it, and it definitely looks the part as well! Avan Lily may not have popped on your fashion everyday news yet, but keep an eye out for this brand that is seeping out from Japan into fashion hubs of the world. Read more

7 Accessories For Your Every Style

We all know the only way to be "finished" for a great time out is to be elegantly (but the same time, laden) with accessories that just won't quit. For every style you've got in your wardrobe, we've got a bracelet, earrings, or even a head-turner of a cap that will rock your game to the maximum. Here we present seven items that will be the "pièce de résistance" of your daily outfits, and give you plenty of inspiration to come. Read more