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Lingerie:the best intimate friend you'll buy

With the official launch of Rihanna’s Fenty Lingerie line coming along, we thought this would be the best time to introduce styles that might fit your palette as well. From sexy to adorable, Japanese lingerie has stood the test. Numerous bloggers, celebs, and Asians all around the world, have praised it for its coquettish designs and soft, silky material. Pro tip: they’re available in many sizes, so don’t worry if your nearest Victoria Secret just won’t keep up with the “bigger is better” trend. Just shop here on Slowfash and we promise to ship faster than you can even imagine!

Lace : for a night of peekaboo fun

Let’s face it, there’s a reason why lace is the number one material for camis and undergarments. It’s beautiful, delicate, and sexy to wear, not to mention the embellishments that one can do with lace are almost too numerous to describe. SLY launched its lace underwear collection only a month ago, making stores in Japan crowded with an immediate frenzy over these. Snatch up a pair yourself- they’re already restocking this ruby red top!

Playing the field: Sports bras are in, just in time for summer

Lusting over those Calvin ads? While being star-studded is a part of the #mycalvins campaign, there are more reasons to fully embrace the sporty wear other than its popularity. The soft and smooth cotton makes for a great night’s sleep and has the added flexibility of being able to  literally bounce out of bed and head to the gym. The easiest way to show off your figure (in a nonchalant way) would be to wear these in plain colors or contrasting ones that match your skin undertones. Black and grey are the most popular options, but if you’re darker-skinned or mocha, try some pastels to really “pop”!

Girly and cute: you’ll be in your man’s dreams

Who doesn’t like dressing up for their other half? Making an effort isn’t always easy, but it’s a simple way to let your partner know that you care. (At least, don’t just wear the same sweatpants and tanks for three nights in a row.) Rienda has always been the saviour of girly, cute outfits for date nights, and this lingerie collection is no different. (They also sneakily added in push-up tops, which we thought was very clever. Who doesn’t need a boost?)

So there you have it, fun and affordable items that will definitely give your underwear wardrobe a huge upgrade. Remember to use your Fash points or recommend a friend- you’ll be reaping rewards and getting huge discounts too!