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Embrace the joy of the holidays- Slowfash's gift guide is here!

The joy of gifting is in the air, and we’re growing increasingly anxious when we picture the hustle and bustle of the Christmas shopping crowds in the street. Don’t you worry. Slowfash has got all you need in a click, so hop on the shopping train and let’s party!

For fellow party-goers...

Sparkles and glitter are the go-to when we envision our outfits for the year-end party. For something a bit more special, though, consider picking up a gift that is not so easily found in Western countries`-maybe even go for that Japanese boho chic we’ve seen raving about in magazines. Sapphire blue, gold mink, and shocking pink (we’re thinking colors of the tinsel variety) will go brilliantly with whatever champagne your friends are having that night.

For those lovebirds out there…

Matching hats or ugly christmas sweaters are so predictable nowadays, that we can’t ever get some joy out of those who wear these as an ironic joke. Gloves and scarves, though, aren’t overdone yet. To make your PDA less conspicuous, opt for patterned mittens. Or, if you want to broadcast your love, a loud color scarf will surely help you stand out in the crowd. Wrap these in gorgeous wrapping paper - we guarantee they’ll make people’s eyes pop.

For the adorable child…

Soft animals? Nah, they’ll be covered in grape juice before you know it. Find something a bit edgier and more stylish from Azul by Moussy- they come in matching adult-sizes too!

For girly teenagers…

Pastels and adorable dresses never go wrong. We suggest these wonderful Avan Lily skirts that will swish any Grinch-hearted feelings away! Also, don’t worry about going cold in swishy skirts, you’ll have plenty of fur and sweaters up top to keep you warm enough:) (We’ll through in some leggings as well;)

For the fun-filled fashionista…

Gadgets and gizmos galore, accessories are a girl’s best friend. Check out the studded bags or the Californian sunglasses -there’s never a need for an excuse for more party bling!

There’s tons of holiday gear in store for those that really get into the Christmas hype. Find your best gifts for family and friends, and then it’s time to pick out something for yourself as well… ;)