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Best-kept secrets in Slowfash

We’ll let you in on a secret: our best-selling items are selling out (duh), and we thought a heads-up would be nice! Spring dresses are of course a staple, and denim looks are also in vogue this year.

We’ve gone and listed the top seven best-selling items with perfect coordinating pieces for this season. Don’t forget to use your referral codes for an extra 10% off!

Straight-Leg Ankle pants from Peggy Lana

Peggy Lana has always been the top choice for work-related outfits. “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Keeping a clean and tailored profile in the office is one of the key strengths a professional should have. These black pants are slimming, well-made, and fit the body perfectly. (Our boss swears by them.) So take your big leap forward to adulthood and put on these pant

Scrunched Drop Shoulder Top by Azul by Moussy

Spring calls for bright colors, and this top is the perfect clementine hue to accompany your lacy skirts. This is a short top made of Issey Miyaki-esque fabric, which will give you a good boost (we get you, ladies), and slims down the arms. It’s important to remember the classic rule of contrast dressing: pair volume with tight, and you’ll be good to go.

Black Luxury Trench Coat by SLY

Trench coats are the ultimate chic item to help you turn Parisian chic in an instant. Bold, confident, and figure-flattering, this trench coat is no doubt a bestseller. (We literally have to keep shipping these from Japan!) The best trench coat at an amazing price, and just think, you can go for days wearing the same thing underneath and no one will ever notice;)

Pattern lush daisy skirt from SLY

The best thing about pattern skirts is that you can wear them with almost anything. A slouchy top, a cute hoodie, denim jackets, lace camisoles...you name it. Japanese fashion mixes and matches different types of fashion together- that’s why you see leather jackets with pom-pom skirts or jeans with a long wool dress. Pattern skirts are the best way to ease into this new world of street-style Japanese culture- we have dozens of outfits on our site that showcase different ways to wear these flowy wonders.

High-rise Long Tapered Jeans by Moussy

Where would the denim world be without Moussy jeans? Since they’re all over town, it certainly isn’t hard to see why they made the top-selling list this time. These jeans are one of the most iconic pieces from the Japanese brand, featuring celeb worshippers from Selena Gomez to Lindsay Lohan.  A good pair of jeans is an investment. Dress them up or dress them down, but no matter which style you choose, you’ll know that your denim wardrobe rocks.

Crew-neck Sleeveless Drop Dress by Moussy

It’s not surprising that Moussy finds itself in our bestseller list bearing two items. This greek goddess dress is a gorgeous waist-drop piece, with simple but elegant and classic folds draping delicately over whatever body shape you have. Beautiful, classic, and perfect day to night dress, all in one, this dress is a no-brainer for spring fashion style.

High Rise Wide Leg Pants by RIM.ARK

Wide-leg cuts have been back in fashion ever since Kendall Jenner taught us how to pair them right. These gorgeous deep wine-red wide legged pants are undoubtedly an eye-catcher. RIM.ARK specializes in loungewear fabric: the kind that is soft, sturdy, and wrinkle-free, even after sitting down for long periods of time.

Just remember to use the referral program when grabbing these beauties.You’ll be surprised at the rewards they reap!