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5 statement items every woman should have

With the royal wedding in full bloom and the “Meghan Effect” trending at number 1 right now, we thought this would be the time to introduce these staples to have in your wardrobe. We asked five different women on the one piece of clothing that made them feel impeccably dressed, and here are the insightful results:

1. A clean-cut, lightweight suit jacket

“ My job requires more tailored and polished traditional looks, but there is a limit to the number of formal workwear dresses that I like enough to buy! Thankfully, I’ve found this gorgeous blazer-like jacket that allows me to wear more colorful and flowy outfits to work. Just throwing this jacket on makes me feel powered-up and in a fierce #GIRLBOSS mode. “

“ I do love casual chic, but since I have dozens of meetings every day (ex: typical work day: Sales meeting, client meeting, lunch meeting, then drinking with friends…), I couldn’t really switch out of different outfits for every occasion! I found an easy way to approach this though: Wear a smart blazer over any look (think Eton-type or Southern wedding) and you’ll be free to go in any situation.”

“My wardrobe is literally filled with tons of tops but three pencil skirts. I buy them in different colors (right now I have black, denim, and white) and they work wonders with any color top I choose. I also find them to be really figure-flattering, as it shows the curves of my hips and lengthens the leg. A staple!”

“ I didn’t realize how versatile pencil skirts could be before going to work. I honestly only thought of them as “typical workwear clothing”, but they can actually pair with any top, regardless of weather. My favorite look currently is an off-the-shoulder top in dusky rose and a denim pencil skirt (I’m still not over spring!) “

2. Pencil skirts

3. The LBD (Little black dress)

“I know it sounds so cliche, but what really gave me confidence was when I first wore my LBD to prom. I know a ton of people have stated that “there are more colors than black”, but seriously, there is so much more to the LBD than just plain colors! My personal favorite right now is a mid-length skirt that can go from formal to casual date night, depending on the jewelry.”


“ Sexy, short, and slim. What else could you want? I’ve got three.”

“ All my friends know that I’m not that fussy, girly, dressed-up person, but that doesn’t mean I go for cheap quality clothing or looks. I think the biggest (and by far best) investment I made was this gorgeous pair of Moussy jeans that I got on sale. So smooth, cool, and utterly hip! I put them on when I’m having a special night out since just wearing them transforms me into this “effortlessly-chic person with drop-dead gorgeous jeans” .”

“ I think jeans are really flattering when worn right. I myself spent almost 2 years searching for the perfect pair (yep, I’m picky). I finally found this Japanese brand that matches my style and fits me perfectly. Huge shoutout to Moussy! “


4. The perfect pair of jeans

5. Blouses with prints

“They’re simple, easy, and a universal nod for woman’s casual wear. I like that they come in various prints and now most come with some little details that make me feel very well put-together. I’ll usually pair these with simple trousers or just a plain pair of jeans. “


“I don’t wear blouses every day, but I do put them on when I have a client’s meeting. I think it makes me look more professional than a simple white T, and it’s comfy as well...perfect summer wear.”

Luckily for you, Slowfash has all these items that will help upgrade your wardrobe. Check out those gorgeous Moussy jeans and Rim.Ark staples, and be sure to use your welcome voucher!