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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Embrace the joy of the holidays- Slowfash's gift guide is here!

The joy of gifting is in the air, and we’re growing increasingly anxious when we picture the hustle and bustle of the Christmas shopping crowds in the street. Don’t you worry. Slowfash has got all you need in a click, so hop on the shopping train and let’s party! For fellow party-goers... Sparkles and glitter are the go-to when we envision our outfits for the year-end party. For something a bit more special, though, consider picking up a gift that is not so easily found in Western countries`-maybe even go for that Japanese boho chic we’ve seen raving about in... Read more

Tired of always black for the winter look? x colors to light up your winter wardrobe.

With the winds blowing even harder and snow falling from the clear sky, you’ll probably be like: Yay! Winter is here! It’s time to sing Jingle Bells. You have started to listen to the songs along the streets. But somehow, the only people you noticed wearing a different color is... Read more

Never have I ever...made bad fashion choices

We’ve discussed the best and most coveted looks for the season, praising coats and donning scarves. While this is all good and inspiring, where’s the fun in only giving compliments? This time, we’re going to take you on an interesting tour of the different realms of  fashion- the world of... Read more