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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Japanese fashion- not just lolita anymore

Discover Japan- by fashion!   Think of Japanese fashion- what do you have in mind? Pink, cute, fluffy, kawaii, or Hello Kitty all seem to fit the glove. But the Japanese have long since evolved past the pastel teenage years, and now we’re seeing more and more of mature, ingenious designs that are slowly shaping the asian fashion world. Japanese fashion has not really had a clear-cut definition, since each designer is unique to his or her tastes. But from the styles and designs we stock at Slowfash here, we’re seeing a trend of clear-cut silhouettes with a hint of... Read more

Autumn style: Yay or nay?

Who said the best time for dressing up is fall? With weather changes so drastic (hello, global warming), it’s almost impossible to be prepared for next day’s outfit everyday. You want to layer up but not look like a snowman or an adorable pug. We get doubts on out fall... Read more