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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Slow fashion is the new fashion- plus the C/P ratio introduced!

Slow fashion is the new fashion. But first, what IS slow fashion? Coined by Kate Fletcher, slow fashion was likened to the Slow Food experience, a revolutionary process that gives us more time to think whilst in the fast commercial era we now live in. Though slow fashion hasn’t been truly defined (we’re looking at you, Merriam-Webster), we’ve taken the liberty of gathering all the phrases and terms that might be able to help shape a clearer picture—while telling you why, we as Slowfash, are proud to become a pioneer in the fashion industry, one stitch at a time:)No... Read more

North Face Purple Label: The IT Brand Of The Athletic Moment

When it comes to The North Face, I picture parkas, rain gear, and frankly, sturdy backpacks that middle-school teenagers seem to love. The red and white logo that represents Yosemite National Park’s Dome (which is , FYI, over 8,000 feet tall) has stood the test of time for almost 50... Read more

SLY N3B- The only jacket you'll need for 2017

       Love shopping? As do we. But as our 3-pack tees from H&M show, instant gratification doesn’t really amount to much when you’re having to constantly replace them every other month or so. We believe fashion or style MEANS something- meaning when you find your perfect pick, it... Read more